Chemical Dispenser


The pool chemical dispenser safely and conveniently diffuses chemical tablets into your pool water at a periodic time. On a mission to explore the very ends of your swimming pool ensuring chlorine is spread effectively all around preventing any build-up of algae and effectively managing your pH levels. Less time cleaning, more time enjoying.

Smart Design
The pool chemical dispenser owns a locking lid that keeps the chemical tablets securely inside, so splash all you like.

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Multi Size to Choose
The pool chemical dispenser provides several types including 5 inch, 8 inch and 8 inch with a thermometer. Mini size is ideal for 1,000-gallon pools or spas of any size.
No Care Required
Just fill with your choice of chemical and let it float while you enjoy your pool. Choose the best size for your pool.
Excellent Floating Ability
Unlike other floating chlorinators on the market which become waterlogged and sink to the bottom of your pool, the premium chlorine dispenser floats like a boss allowing you to put your feet up and relax.


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