Game Pool and Spa Vacuum Cleaning Device


This Game pool & spa vacuum is a simple, effective hand-held cleaning device for cleaning your small pool, steps, hot tub or spa.  Meant for simple, small amounts of debris.



    • FOR MINOR DEBRIS: The Game handheld pool and spa vacuum is a lightweight handheld vacuum that allows for quick and easy clean-up for minor debris.
    • MANUAL AND HANDHELD: No cords or batteries needed, this handheld swimming pool and spa vacuum creates suction using a simple pump action. Uses simple pump action to create suction.
    • ABOVE_GROUND AND INGROUND POOLS: This easy to use swimming pool and spa vacuum is great for above-ground pools, maintenance cleaning of in-ground pools between service and spas, hot tubs and Jacuzzis. this vacuum is not intended for major clean-ups of large debris and should be used to supplement between full cleanings of your swimming pool.
    • PUMP Actin: The Game handheld pool and spa vacuum is operate by creating suction through a simple pump action. this is not a high powered, corded or eclectic vacuum.
    • ATTACHMENTS INCLUDED: A wide-end nozzle and slide-on brush are included to help you clean minor debris out of those hard to get places like corners and stairs.


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